It’s been a while since I saw that smile on your face, 
The one that used to reach your eyes 
And light ’em up like the 4th of July fireworks. 
It seems as though all the reasons why I was the one 
Suddenly become the reasons why now, I wasn’t. 
Even though you were my happiness 
I failed to make myself, yours, 
Though you were my world 
I couldn’t be farther from yours. 
When did the distance become so much?
When did you cringe at the sound of my voice? 
When did it become a chore to call me? 
I tried but I’m sorry baby, to have pushed you this far. 
Some days it seems like you’re better off without me,
Without all the drama I come with, 
But most days, I let myself be selfish 
Because I know that if you leave,
So would all the warmth and safety leave, 
And I’m not ready to live in a cold world without your fire to keep me warm. 
– RiRi


As humans we all consciously and unconsciously go through the task of making choices everyday and in fact every moment of our lives. Most of the choices we make are naturally inbuilt in us, and it is required for us to make that choice, i.e. drinking water or sleeping, and these choices help us to live our daily loves without disturbance or discomfort and by choosing not to take these choices we will be exerting a level of discomfort to our selves, therefore it is necessary to make these choices.

But sometimes, we come across situations in our lives that demand from us to make a conscious, weighted choice that has a huge impact on our present and possibly future lives. These are the choices that requires one to think through carefully and then make a decision. The thinking process doesn’t necessarily have to be a long one, instead it can be just a few seconds long where you weigh the pros and cons and go ahead with what seems the best option.

These choices, the ones that require you to think are the ones that will shape and change you as a person. These are the choices that will determine what conflicts and what challenges you will face in your life, and these are the choices that will reflect on you when you meet new people.

There may come times when you feel like you don’t really have a choice and there seems to be only one path ahead. During these times, remember that you ALWAYS have a choice. Adam had the choice to eat the fruit or refuse, Cain had the choice to not get jealous and avoid killing his brother, Steve Jobs had the choice to enroll and spend four years at university or drop out and do something he liked. All these people made choices, even though they might’ve felt like they didn’t have a choice, they always did. Choices don’t necessarily have to be either this or that, instead you have the choices of ‘option A’ or ‘the choice of coming up with another choice’. Even choosing to come up with another choice is a choice itself.

Now what happens after you make the choice? Maybe the decision you made turned out to be wrong or bad for you. Do you sit and whine and complain? Do you beat-up yourself over it or do you keep your head high, learn from experience and move on? Doesn’t the second one sound way better and way more productive?

There is literally no point on dwelling over bad decisions unless it is to learn a lesson from it. After which you extract the lesson and put that choice in a treasure box and lock it, because even though you have put it away, it is still going to affect the rest of your choices as well, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of your choices will also be wrong or bad for you. The bad choice happened because it was better for you to experience and learn from it now rather than making the same bad decision much later in your life when it can’t be fixed.

Finally, at the end of the day, just remember that all the choices are already written down for it is also written what choices you will make, so just believe that God has a better plan for you even if the choice you made wasn’t the best. He is just testing to see whether you’re strong enough, whether you have enough faith and whether you rely and trust Him or not. So after making the choice, if it turns out to be a wrong decision, thank God because He opened your eyes before it was too late and if it was a good decision, still thank Him. In the end just remember that only He has the power to give you the power to make the choices you make.


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“It is the duty and obligation of Muslims to establish the truths and proofs of Islam and then allow others the freedom of choice to accept or reject the proofs”

-Yusuf Estes

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What matters?

She sat near the window
Pen in hand,
Lost in thoughts
Of gain and loss
Did it matter?
Was the question she asked
All these things?
All these beings?
Were they here to stay
Or vanish on a chosen day?

Were promises really kept?
Or were they made in jest?
Would we stay forever young?
Or would our graves be dug?
Had we tried our best?
Had we passed this test?
Were we prepared?
For the results we’d get?

Had we flowed with the tide?
Had life taken us for a ride?
Had we sailed successfully?
Or did we sink slowly?

Think of these questions now
Before you are forced to think
And it is already to late to change
The outcome of your fate.
Think of this world as a bridge
And take the one true path
To eternal bliss.


Embrace Change

As humans we all have developed some sort of a pattern in out lives. We have a stable life, a job, a proper routine and we follow it as rigorously as we we would follow exam rules. But is a routine always a good thing? Moreover is Stability a good thing?

In my opinion, having a stable life is okay as long as things don’t get stagnant like water in lake. Stability can be a curse and blessing, and at times it helps more to break out of the usual day in and day out routine.

People nowadays, I’ve noticed have become very content with their daily lives and they do little to spice it up or create some excitement. I, for one, cannot follow a routine for more than a week so I try to bring about as much change as I can in the limited options I have.

But even those little things like changing the layout of your room, or changing the curtains or changing your own appearance for that matter can bring about a big difference, without which I would’ve probably suffocated by now.

As a teen, taking risks and trying something new without facing any long term life-altering consequences is a advantage you have. Don’t get tied down to one career or one life path or anything for that matter. Keep your options open and when change knocks, welcome it happily and embrace it, because before you know it, change wouldn’t be a frequent visitor and even if it does come later in your life, it will be more difficult for you to accept it.

And remember if you don’t have the heart to make big changes, start small, make small changes in your life. Change your hair color or change the position of the vase in your living room or re-paint your room. And always stay positive.

Man, the greatest creation?

There have been times when I’ve sat and marveled at Man; such creative, intellectual beings. But recently there have also been a lot of those times when I’ve been disgusted at what people seem to call the most intelligent creatures created by God.
How selfish, immature, arrogant and hypocritical can we get? Is there any end to this?
Recently as I’ve started paying more attention to people around me, to what they say and what they behave like, I’ve made observations that most people; at least most people in my society and the current generation are actually a sorry excuse for human beings.

I recently met a girl who ranted about this apparent B*tch that everyone hated, but then when I see her Facebook, the same girl comments “omg, you’re so pretty babe, I’m miss you so much, call me ASAP” on the b*tchy girl’s picture. I was literally befuddled for a few minutes after that because I had just spent half an hour listening to her whine about the b*tch and here she was commenting on her picture like they were best buddies. I mean seriously wtf?!

I mean why can’t you simply hate a person ON and OFF their faces? If not for her sake, then at least for yours? Don’t people get tired of putting up fake facades and then taking them off and putting them on again? Isn’t it easier to simply leave it off?

Today’s man is literally defined by his social status. Before even you begin to tell anything about you to a person, he/she already has a preconceived idea about you depending on your social network profile. People judge you based on your pictures, or statuses. One wrong status, one wrong picture and there goes your life spiraling downwards. That’s how quick people are to judge without realizing that someone is judging them too, and that someone is judging all of us, and only He truly has the right to judge.

For me right now, the one true person, the only person who I trust outside my family with all my life is my best friend Sara. I can’t think of ever finding anyone so honest, caring, fun and unimaginably beautiful. So even though there may be a lot of phonies in my life, I’m glad to have her in my life, and I hope we all have at least that one person on whom we can trust no matter what.

One sided convos

I hate convos that go like

Me: blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
Friend: Hmm
Me: blah blah blah blah blah
Friend: K.
Me: blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
Friend: Nice
Friend: Hmm K.
Me: I honestly don’t think this is working
Friend: But we talk so much.


I want to see what a person would do if I spoke to him face to face like that?

Think, Ponder, Take time

Feel like you’re constantly surrounded by people with not even a second to sit and think quietly.
For many it does get hard to find time for yourself and just sit and think about everything. Wanting to be alone at times is nothing to feel bad or weird about, in fact it is necessary to detach yourself from the world and put things in your perspective once in a while.

I make it a point to find time for myself. It’s my number one tip for staying sane in an insane world. I spend alteast one day in each month to find at least a few hours just by myself and just in my room.

I find that sitting on the beach just listening to the birds chirping, the waves coming in, the wind rustling the leaves and the distant but audible noise of the cars and people going about their daily jobs.

But getting back to the topic, I think it’s very important to find some quality alone time. So next time you feel like there’s too much going on and your brain may burst, take sow time out to sit and think about those things and organize your thoughts. Just like a closet, our brain too needs organizing and cleaning once in a while.

Life lately

I very rarely post about what’s going on in my life and that’s mainly because my life is pretty boring. But recently, things have got so much better; I have a job, I’m actually interested in what I’m studying, 🙂 Life is perfect. But I’m not going to take it for granted because I know nothing stays the same forever and I know problems are lurking around the corner. I’m not pessimistic, I’m just trying to tell myself not to take anything or anyone for granted. I’m going to enjoy every minute of happiness, so I can fight the problems with all my strength.

Problems are an inevitable part of our lives. There isn’t a single person on this planet that doesn’t have a problem. And the funny thing is, I’m okay with problems. Not in some twisted way, but in a way that if I didn’t have problems, I wouldn’t have appreciated my good times. That’s mainly the reason why God gives us problems, He doesn’t want you to forget Him. He doesn’t need us, but He knows that we need Him and He doesn’t want us to forget that. We wouldn’t have problems of we just thanked God for everything ok out life. Instead, because the human nature is selfish, we only tend to remember God when we have a problem. Wouldn’t you feel bad if your child only came to you when he needed something? Then what about our Creator? Isn’t He bigger than our parents? Doesn’t He deserve more love and respect than our parents?

This is a reminder firstly to myself and then to everybody else, because I’m not perfect and I do tend to do exactly what I say not to. So I’m going to make sure that from today I thank Allah for all that He has given me and ask Him to forgive me for all that I have done wrong knowingly and unknowingly.
May God bless us all and may He forgive us.

Keep smiling 🙂