Man, the greatest creation?

There have been times when I’ve sat and marveled at Man; such creative, intellectual beings. But recently there have also been a lot of those times when I’ve been disgusted at what people seem to call the most intelligent creatures created by God.
How selfish, immature, arrogant and hypocritical can we get? Is there any end to this?
Recently as I’ve started paying more attention to people around me, to what they say and what they behave like, I’ve made observations that most people; at least most people in my society and the current generation are actually a sorry excuse for human beings.

I recently met a girl who ranted about this apparent B*tch that everyone hated, but then when I see her Facebook, the same girl comments “omg, you’re so pretty babe, I’m miss you so much, call me ASAP” on the b*tchy girl’s picture. I was literally befuddled for a few minutes after that because I had just spent half an hour listening to her whine about the b*tch and here she was commenting on her picture like they were best buddies. I mean seriously wtf?!

I mean why can’t you simply hate a person ON and OFF their faces? If not for her sake, then at least for yours? Don’t people get tired of putting up fake facades and then taking them off and putting them on again? Isn’t it easier to simply leave it off?

Today’s man is literally defined by his social status. Before even you begin to tell anything about you to a person, he/she already has a preconceived idea about you depending on your social network profile. People judge you based on your pictures, or statuses. One wrong status, one wrong picture and there goes your life spiraling downwards. That’s how quick people are to judge without realizing that someone is judging them too, and that someone is judging all of us, and only He truly has the right to judge.

For me right now, the one true person, the only person who I trust outside my family with all my life is my best friend Sara. I can’t think of ever finding anyone so honest, caring, fun and unimaginably beautiful. So even though there may be a lot of phonies in my life, I’m glad to have her in my life, and I hope we all have at least that one person on whom we can trust no matter what.