Kisses of the setting sun 

His kisses were like the setting sun  

Kissing goodbye to the mountain tops 

They left me feeling warm, soft

I melted to his touch  

He kissed me slowly 

Like he wanted to memorize 

Every curve, every ridge of my mouth 

Never rushing, he held me tenderly

The back of my head in his hand 

His fingers scrunched up in my hair

Guiding me, leading me deeper 

A soft nip on my lower lip 

Sent waves of pleasure pulsing through my veins 

He made me feel alive  

Like I could feel not just my heart 

But every part of me, fluttering 

I felt myself move to his rhythm 

I held his face in my hands 

It fit perfectly 

Just the way his lips fit mine 

And that’s how I knew we belonged 

His hand in my hair, mine holding his perfect face. 
– R 


It’s been a while since I saw that smile on your face, 
The one that used to reach your eyes 
And light ’em up like the 4th of July fireworks. 
It seems as though all the reasons why I was the one 
Suddenly become the reasons why now, I wasn’t. 
Even though you were my happiness 
I failed to make myself, yours, 
Though you were my world 
I couldn’t be farther from yours. 
When did the distance become so much?
When did you cringe at the sound of my voice? 
When did it become a chore to call me? 
I tried but I’m sorry baby, to have pushed you this far. 
Some days it seems like you’re better off without me,
Without all the drama I come with, 
But most days, I let myself be selfish 
Because I know that if you leave,
So would all the warmth and safety leave, 
And I’m not ready to live in a cold world without your fire to keep me warm. 
– RiRi

To a Martyr

They found her like that
Forehead on the ground
Hands by the side
Her back resembled
the remains of burnt coal

A bag lay by her side
The contents scattered around
By the force of the bomb
The Quran lay open
“And say not of those who are slain in the way of Allah: ‘They are dead.’ Nay, they are living…

When they turned her
For the final wash
Tears gushed from their eyes
Like water from a broken dam
The Noor was blinding
Brighter than the sun

This is what it looks likes
To die in the way of Allah

What matters?

She sat near the window
Pen in hand,
Lost in thoughts
Of gain and loss
Did it matter?
Was the question she asked
All these things?
All these beings?
Were they here to stay
Or vanish on a chosen day?

Were promises really kept?
Or were they made in jest?
Would we stay forever young?
Or would our graves be dug?
Had we tried our best?
Had we passed this test?
Were we prepared?
For the results we’d get?

Had we flowed with the tide?
Had life taken us for a ride?
Had we sailed successfully?
Or did we sink slowly?

Think of these questions now
Before you are forced to think
And it is already to late to change
The outcome of your fate.
Think of this world as a bridge
And take the one true path
To eternal bliss.


Hidden Beauty

There used to be a time when I thought writing poetry was all about rhyming the words,. I’d spend countless hours arguing with anyone who told me that a paragraph without rhyming words was a poem, I just couldn’t grasp how a poem could not rhyme?! Until, one day I wrote a poem without thinking; without hunting for words that rhymed with today and children. I just let the thoughts flow, penned down the emotions as the came in waves in my head. After I finished, I realized it was perhaps the most beautiful poem I had written – No, it didn’t have a rhyme scheme, but it did rhyme quite surprisingly.

I wrote the poem after reading Khaled Hosseini’s “A Thousand Splendid Suns”, the book, I must say is brilliantly written. It touched something in me and made me write the below poem.

There’s a sad beauty

In war,

that goes unnoticed,

The barbed wire fence,

The solemn faces of children,

The emotions louder than words,

The hope in the eyes,

The struggle to fight,

The conviction to stay alive,

The united soldiers,

The persistence to live,

The pride of a martyr,

The battered homes,

The mysterious smog,

The confused wails,

The faith in God,

Indeed there is a sad hidden beauty,

If one looks deep within

With the eyes of the soul.


What is your view on poems? Do you believe that they need to rhyme?

Butterfly Effect

Somewhere sometime

A new world of possibilities lies ahead

Somewhere someplace

Untested waters eagerly wait

Somewhere somehow,

The choices you didn’t make affect someone

Somewhere sometime

The choices you made shape you

Somewhere someplace

Your dreams are being set in motion

Somewhere somehow

Your happiness is someone’s sorrow

No matter how or when

Somewhere somehow

You affect someone.


A thank you to God

Thank you Allah
For life
When millions die
in Palestine

Thank you Allah
For water
When thirst kills thousands
in Djibouti

Thank you Allah
For food
When hunger consumes children
in Somalia

Thank you Allah
For shelter
When many are homeless
in Syria

Thank you Allah
For a family
When some may never see theirs
in Egypt

Thank you Allah
For freedom
When innocence is sold
in China

Lastly, thank you Allah
For every small blessing
Because somewhere, someone
may not be lucky enough for them.

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