Butterfly Effect

Somewhere sometime

A new world of possibilities lies ahead

Somewhere someplace

Untested waters eagerly wait

Somewhere somehow,

The choices you didn’t make affect someone

Somewhere sometime

The choices you made shape you

Somewhere someplace

Your dreams are being set in motion

Somewhere somehow

Your happiness is someone’s sorrow

No matter how or when

Somewhere somehow

You affect someone.



Somewhere a girl strikes a match

and lifts the heavy brass latch

tiptoes out barefoot and runs

freely towards the hazy horizon

Somewhere a little boy hides

his innocent eyes witness the fight

not knowing whether he will survive

he prays to God for dear life

Somewhere a man returns home

he pauses at the front door

he hears a scream and a cry

and the whisper of a goodbye

Somewhere a mother cries

on the grave where her son lies

who died fighting bravely

at the hands of the enemy