Kisses of the setting sun 

His kisses were like the setting sun  

Kissing goodbye to the mountain tops 

They left me feeling warm, soft

I melted to his touch  

He kissed me slowly 

Like he wanted to memorize 

Every curve, every ridge of my mouth 

Never rushing, he held me tenderly

The back of my head in his hand 

His fingers scrunched up in my hair

Guiding me, leading me deeper 

A soft nip on my lower lip 

Sent waves of pleasure pulsing through my veins 

He made me feel alive  

Like I could feel not just my heart 

But every part of me, fluttering 

I felt myself move to his rhythm 

I held his face in my hands 

It fit perfectly 

Just the way his lips fit mine 

And that’s how I knew we belonged 

His hand in my hair, mine holding his perfect face. 
– R 


Missing him – LDR part 1. 

There are a lot of things that suck in life, but you know what’s one of the worst, the most horrible thing in life? Long distance relationships. I don’t even know how to begin to describe what I’ve been feeling this past 2 weeks. It’s like my whole world is so incoherent. I’m trying to hold it together, God knows I’m trying so hard but everytime I think if him, I end up sobbing until there are no more tears left. I feel like I’m being a bit over dramatic but I can’t but feel this way, mostly because I feel like I’m already losing him, you know? You know the feeling like when you talk to him over the phone and you just know that even though he’s there, he isn’t really there? Maybe I need to be a little bit more patient, give him time to settle down. I don’t know, honestly, right now I’d give anything just to be able to smell his scent that got me so high. 

I found this paragraph on tumblr, and i don’t have the strength of writing down how much I miss him, but I think this pretty much covers it. 

Holy fucking shit i miss him so much right now, i miss every part of him, everything about him. I miss his smell, i miss playing with his hair, i miss his face, his brown eyes like i’ve never seen before, how they looked like a beautiful shade of honey brown in the sunlight, i miss his hands on my skin, i miss his skin, just being able to cuddle up to him and feel his warmth and how hard his heart beats when we lay together, and feeling his breath on my forehead, and his arms around me as i bury my face in his chest. I miss that fucking jaw dropping smile with the heart melting laugh that follows. I miss his voice that gives me butterflies and never fails to calm me down when I’m upset. I miss him picking on me, and us fake insulting each other and he’ll give me that breath taking fucking smirk. I miss his body language; just the way he is. I miss his beard, I miss running my fingers through his hair, I miss our openness with each other. I miss the way he never wants me to leave. I miss how comforting he is, how caring he is, how protective he is; how he makes me feels as if he’s my guardian angel. I could go on and on about the things i miss about him, but by the time i finish, we’ll already be together again and i won’t have to miss him anymore, and god i can’t wait till the day i never have to miss him again.  


It’s been a while since I saw that smile on your face, 
The one that used to reach your eyes 
And light ’em up like the 4th of July fireworks. 
It seems as though all the reasons why I was the one 
Suddenly become the reasons why now, I wasn’t. 
Even though you were my happiness 
I failed to make myself, yours, 
Though you were my world 
I couldn’t be farther from yours. 
When did the distance become so much?
When did you cringe at the sound of my voice? 
When did it become a chore to call me? 
I tried but I’m sorry baby, to have pushed you this far. 
Some days it seems like you’re better off without me,
Without all the drama I come with, 
But most days, I let myself be selfish 
Because I know that if you leave,
So would all the warmth and safety leave, 
And I’m not ready to live in a cold world without your fire to keep me warm. 
– RiRi

Anger – A poison that kills your soul 

Anger is described as having A strong feeling of annoyancedispleasure, or hostility in the Oxford dictionary. Psychologically, anger is a normal human emotion, and each one of us goes through this emotion every once in a while; in fact at times it is even healthy to get angry, as this shows that you as a person have a limit, a set of boundaries and rules that you don’t expect others to cross. 

But what about the times when anger is unhealthy? 

Unhealthy anger is anger when the emotion of anger is so strong that I clouds your judgement, when the feeling of anger overpowers every other feeling there is within you. 

We’ve heard many instances in life when a person is angry at someone, and they stay angry with them until God forbid something bad happens to that person or when that person dies. It is only after the going away of that person that the person who feels angry, thinks about his actions but by then it’s too late, and then a new emotion takes over; Regret. Both Anger and regret are the worst emotions of a persons life, and slowly they take over one’s life if not controlled. 

When is anger a problem? 
According to the Australian Psychology Society, anger becomes a problem when the following happens:
  • You feel angry a lot of the time.
  • People close to you are worried about your anger.
  • Anger is leading to problems with personal relationships and work.
  • You think you have to get angry to get what you want.
  • Anger seems to get bigger than the event that set it off.
  • Anger lasts for a long time, and well after the triggering event has passed.
  • Anger affects other situations not related to the original event.
  • You are becoming anxious or depressed about your anger.
  • You are using alcohol or other drugs to try to manage your anger.
  • You are getting angry with the people who are closest to you, or with people who are less powerful than you, rather than dealing with the situation that sparked off your anger in the first place. 
All the signs mentioned above are signs that show that one has an anger problem. People have become used to using anger to get what they want, sometimes they use it so much to the extent that their anger becomes bigger than the situation itself, and sometimes the same anger can cloud the love they have for someone else. At times when your anger is out of control, I advice that one takes deep breathes and just concentrates on the reasons how the opposite person has made them happy, and then while revisiting the old memories, one can calm down their anger. 
Another piece of advice is that one should never use anger as a means to emotionally blackmail another person into doing what they want, instead one should use the approach of talking, discussing and compromising. Especially when one is in a relationship, it is crucial that one doesn’t force their rules or opinions on their significant other, instead let them be the person they are because that was the person you fell in love with. 
When one is angry, one often exaggerates the situation and comes to the conclusion that everything and everyone is horrible and that this is the end of the world. When ones mind starts thinking like this, one should quickly tell oneself ‘It’s frustrating, and it’s understandable that I’m upset about it, but it’s not the end of the world and getting angry is not going to fix it’.

Another way is to learn assertive skills, these skills ensure that anger is channelled and expressed in clear and respectful ways. Being assertive means being clear with others about what your needs and wants are, feeling okay about asking for them, but respecting the other person’s needs and concerns as well and being prepared to negotiate. Avoid using words like ‘never’ or ‘always’ (for example, ‘You’re always late!’), as these statements are usually inaccurate, make you feel as though your anger is justified, and don’t leave much possibility for the problem to be solved.

And lastly, don’t let your anger last long, and don’t dwell on a problem once you’ve solved it, by doing this, you’re saving that anger inside of you, and giving it the chance to rest it’s ugly head the next time you get angry. Once a problem is solved, be happy, smile and let go of all that negative energy; breathe deep and smile. 

To a Martyr

They found her like that
Forehead on the ground
Hands by the side
Her back resembled
the remains of burnt coal

A bag lay by her side
The contents scattered around
By the force of the bomb
The Quran lay open
“And say not of those who are slain in the way of Allah: ‘They are dead.’ Nay, they are living…

When they turned her
For the final wash
Tears gushed from their eyes
Like water from a broken dam
The Noor was blinding
Brighter than the sun

This is what it looks likes
To die in the way of Allah


As humans we all consciously and unconsciously go through the task of making choices everyday and in fact every moment of our lives. Most of the choices we make are naturally inbuilt in us, and it is required for us to make that choice, i.e. drinking water or sleeping, and these choices help us to live our daily loves without disturbance or discomfort and by choosing not to take these choices we will be exerting a level of discomfort to our selves, therefore it is necessary to make these choices.

But sometimes, we come across situations in our lives that demand from us to make a conscious, weighted choice that has a huge impact on our present and possibly future lives. These are the choices that requires one to think through carefully and then make a decision. The thinking process doesn’t necessarily have to be a long one, instead it can be just a few seconds long where you weigh the pros and cons and go ahead with what seems the best option.

These choices, the ones that require you to think are the ones that will shape and change you as a person. These are the choices that will determine what conflicts and what challenges you will face in your life, and these are the choices that will reflect on you when you meet new people.

There may come times when you feel like you don’t really have a choice and there seems to be only one path ahead. During these times, remember that you ALWAYS have a choice. Adam had the choice to eat the fruit or refuse, Cain had the choice to not get jealous and avoid killing his brother, Steve Jobs had the choice to enroll and spend four years at university or drop out and do something he liked. All these people made choices, even though they might’ve felt like they didn’t have a choice, they always did. Choices don’t necessarily have to be either this or that, instead you have the choices of ‘option A’ or ‘the choice of coming up with another choice’. Even choosing to come up with another choice is a choice itself.

Now what happens after you make the choice? Maybe the decision you made turned out to be wrong or bad for you. Do you sit and whine and complain? Do you beat-up yourself over it or do you keep your head high, learn from experience and move on? Doesn’t the second one sound way better and way more productive?

There is literally no point on dwelling over bad decisions unless it is to learn a lesson from it. After which you extract the lesson and put that choice in a treasure box and lock it, because even though you have put it away, it is still going to affect the rest of your choices as well, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of your choices will also be wrong or bad for you. The bad choice happened because it was better for you to experience and learn from it now rather than making the same bad decision much later in your life when it can’t be fixed.

Finally, at the end of the day, just remember that all the choices are already written down for it is also written what choices you will make, so just believe that God has a better plan for you even if the choice you made wasn’t the best. He is just testing to see whether you’re strong enough, whether you have enough faith and whether you rely and trust Him or not. So after making the choice, if it turns out to be a wrong decision, thank God because He opened your eyes before it was too late and if it was a good decision, still thank Him. In the end just remember that only He has the power to give you the power to make the choices you make.


Source: Google images

“It is the duty and obligation of Muslims to establish the truths and proofs of Islam and then allow others the freedom of choice to accept or reject the proofs”

-Yusuf Estes

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