Kuwait Firing Up!

On 10th November Kuwait celebrated 50 years of their constitution by holding the biggest ever firework show in the world. Kuwait fired 77,282 firework projectiles and entered the Guinness World Records.


Image(All photos taken by Samsung Galaxy S III and edited with fotor)

Hope you like the pictures 🙂


Hi Bloggers!

I know my 14 day long absence is one of the signs of being a really bad blogger, but honestly, I just couldn’t get myself to type anything. Also, since it was the last ten days of Ramadan and then Eid, I didn’t have a second to spare. Now you might think that I may have a lot to tell you, but honestly I don’t. I really have nothing going on in my life that is good enough to write about. Although there is something I could write about, but then I’d sound like a whiner, because all I can think of in the past few days is how suffocating and constricting Kuwait is.

I feel trapped. Like someone is suffocating me, closing access to my windpipe. I can literally feel it. I don’t know whats wrong with this place. Literally. I wanna go someplace natural. Someplace where I can see the bright clear, blue sky and taste the sweetness of the river water. Someplace where no one would find me to teach yet again how to act in front of someone, or what to say to someone or what to wear, or what to feel. I swear; people even tell me how to feel! Its frustrating, everyday, plastering the most fakey-genuine smile you’ve got when I want to really do is cry. Yes! I want to cry! I want to cry because its my will! I want to cry because that’s how I feel at the moment, I don’t feel happy. I don’t feel all flowers and rainbows! Don’t they get it????

I think I feel a little better now, writing it out. It was a mistake to stay away from blogging. I think its kinda my therapy. Ha, and I thought breaks left you feeling refreshed, but this one just made me wanna crawl into a hole and die. Ok, maybe not that bad, but you can understand the intensity of how screwed up I feel.

Laters Bloggers x



Today is an official holiday in Kuwait and guess what? It’s sweltering hot outside! It’s so hot that you could fry an egg on your head! And on top of that, the A/C in my house chose this perfect timing to stop working! I’ve eaten around 4 Ice creams by now and a big bowl of watermelon and i still feel like my insides ate burning -.- Great holiday isn’t it? -.- just hope it gets better in the evening….

10 things I will miss about Kuwait if I leave

1. The easy lifestyle: People in Kuwait; me included don’t have to really struggle a lot for anything. Sure there may be times when you have to put a li’l bit of effort, but anything you can get anything easily, specially if you have Vasta with all the ‘Who’s Who’ of Kuwait… Nowadays, nothing in Kuwait actually works without Vasta. From getting a job to getting a driving license, it all depends on who you know.

2. Shawermas: I love them! I could survive on shawermas for the rest of my life actually..! The best shawermas in Kuwait are from Kurdo and recently even Food Inn has got amazing ones. Kuwait has the best shawermas…I tried one in Saudi Arabia, but it was a bit bland and the ones in Dubai are really nothing compared to the ones in Kuwait!

3. The beaches: even though the beaches in Kuwait usually have gay kuwaiti dude’s instead of hot guys, they are great place to go for a family picnic or barbecue. Being a conservative society, people will always be dressed modestly (except for a few exceptions :P) so there are no awkward moments with the family.

4. Shopping Malls: Imma girl who loves shopping, so Avenues is the perfect place for me! Its got all the major brands (H&M, Guess and Zara are my favs) and it is the perfect place to spend an afternoon. Its huge in size and that is only for 2 phases till now. They are currently working on Phase 3, so lets see how that goes! Unlike Marina mall, Avenues doesn’t have bunches of rowdy teenagers, so it’s actually fun spending time there.

5. The Weather: Believe it or not but I’ll actually miss Kuwait’s hot, humid, dusty weather. I’ve gotten so used to it by now, that i kinda like it, specially coz I’m not a winter person, I prefer the hot, sunny days.

6. The sound of the Athan: Its just something about the ‘Call to Prayer’ that is beautiful. Every time the ‘Muathin’ gives the Athan, its a rule to stop talking or doing whatever you are doing and listen to it, so at home even when me and siblings fight, and we hear the Athan, all of us just sit quietly, its those moments of silence that break our constant chattering and usually by the time the Athan finishes, we forget what we were fighting about. 😛

7. My friends: Even though some of them can be a pain in the a$$ 😛 The friend I have made in Kuwait, I will never find anyone like them. They are like my rare jewel collection, and having them has made me realize that its okay not to have a huge circle of friends if you have a few who are your true friends.

8. The funnily dressed girls and guys: believe it or not but some of the teens in Kuwait have a really bad sense of fashion. I mean guys think its cool to wear really skinny jeans in bright colors and wear their hair in a way that it looks like its been electrocuted and girls in Hijabs (Head covering) put these huge feather clips under the hijab, so their head looks like a camel hump from behind 😛

9. The censored scenes in movies: Honestly the censors are a life savor when you watch movies with your parents. No awkwardness. 

10. Last but not least is the Liberation day: I love this day! The streets light up and there are people on the roads dancing inside, over and outside cars, foaming and water spraying each other. Its the most fun holiday in Kuwait!