Very inspiring am I? Thank you Erica!


Yipee!! I’ve been nominated for another blog award by the very talented and inspiring . I am very honored that she finds my blog inspiring, although its mostly just ramblings. 😛  So thank you so much Erica for giving me this award!

So below are the rules of accepting the Very Inspiring Blog Award:

1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.
5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

Seven Things About Me:

1. I love drama series, like GG and 90210

2. I prefer summer to winter

3. I love the number 7

4. I love smelling books, if a book smells good to me, then I have got to read it!

5. I’m not a realist at all, I believe in the power of dreams.

6. Blogging is my antidote for any of the times I feel crappy.

7. Being modest isn’t really part of me. I love being talked about. 😛

So now that I have got down the seven things, the next part is to nominate 15 blogs, hmm…

1. Caputcauda – She has got an amazing sense of fashion and great pictures!

2. Randomandunnewsworthy – Since I’m a rambler, I love ramblers too, and her blog is just hilarious! Love it!

3. into-mind – She has some of the best beauty tips for a simple and minimalist beauty routine, and she has some really creative DIY ideas.

4. pikeknight – He’s got some really amusing posts, I love the one about Mr. Quack Quack!

5. ruthrutherford – I honestly love her blog and her writing style. She has some really hilarious posts about dating and also some really touching stories and posts.

6. iphonephotog – He’s got some amazing iphone photography!

7. thethreadaffect – She’s got a beautiful blog about fashion and everything life as whole.

8. lexokat – Any inspiring blogger list is incomplete without Lexi’s blog. Her posts are motivational and inspiring to everyone who reads them.

9. twodifferentgirls – A fun blog about travel and and the life of two friends.

10. artimad – Check out his blog for some of the most unusual and artistic sketches!

11. runwaydiy – I’ve been into DIY for quite a while now, and her blog has some really easy and inspirational DIY’s!

12. hikingphoto – He’s got the most mind-blowing and jaw-dropping photography!

13. vincentmars – The boy with a hat as he calls himself, he’s got a unique sense of writing and his recent 50 word stories have been hilarious!

14. imagineteenagelife – She was one of the first blogger friends had and her posts are very motivating!

15. prinzecharming – And of course, Prinzecharming had to be there on my list. I’m quite smitten with his writing and wish a guy with all the qualities he’s mentioned in his posts would be my prince charming.

So there is the list of my nominees for the Very inspiring blogger award!

The strength of Weak Ties

In an era where everyone seems to be connected by social networks, it is often times difficult to tell whether a person is a “good friend” or just an “acquaintance”. Most of the times we usually have only a very few close friends and the rest are people we know through our very good friends. Granovetter states that if person A and B are good friends and hang out a lot, then presumably they both have more or less the same information while a person three let’s say C, who is only an acquaintance of A & B, might have information that is new to A and B. Let’s assume A wants to find a job and so he asks B for any new job openings, but since A and B are good friends and they are probably connected through a similar interest or subject, B, would have the same information as A. Then comes into play the role of C as a bridge; as C is not closely connected to A or B, they don’t know all the people that C knows and therefore, C might be able to provide new information to A due to which A might get a job opportunity unknown to both A and B. This is why job seekers are more likely to find job opportunities through weak ties rather than strong ones. This is why having a million friends does not guarantee you a job, but having a million acquaintances would probably be better.

Feeling low

God I’m feeling so low and depressed these days…I can’t even get myself to post a quote for the day -.- im going through a writers block phase sorta thing…I don’t know what to write. Or maybe I know what to write but I’m just too lazy. Why couldn’t someone invent something that whatever I thought would automatically be put on paper or in my case the laptop?
I’m so bored and I dunno the word for feeling like nothing seems right…everything is so freaking dull -.-
I even watched Friends with benefits always cheers me up, but I dunno …argh…I feel like I have no life and watching people in movies have a life and always have something interesting to do is getting me even more upset -.- I’m really whiny aren’t I? I know! But what do I do?!

Stupid life…why couldn’t it be more exciting like Mila Kunis in Friends with Benefits? Or like Serena in gossip girl?!

10 things I will miss about Kuwait if I leave

1. The easy lifestyle: People in Kuwait; me included don’t have to really struggle a lot for anything. Sure there may be times when you have to put a li’l bit of effort, but anything you can get anything easily, specially if you have Vasta with all the ‘Who’s Who’ of Kuwait… Nowadays, nothing in Kuwait actually works without Vasta. From getting a job to getting a driving license, it all depends on who you know.

2. Shawermas: I love them! I could survive on shawermas for the rest of my life actually..! The best shawermas in Kuwait are from Kurdo and recently even Food Inn has got amazing ones. Kuwait has the best shawermas…I tried one in Saudi Arabia, but it was a bit bland and the ones in Dubai are really nothing compared to the ones in Kuwait!

3. The beaches: even though the beaches in Kuwait usually have gay kuwaiti dude’s instead of hot guys, they are great place to go for a family picnic or barbecue. Being a conservative society, people will always be dressed modestly (except for a few exceptions :P) so there are no awkward moments with the family.

4. Shopping Malls: Imma girl who loves shopping, so Avenues is the perfect place for me! Its got all the major brands (H&M, Guess and Zara are my favs) and it is the perfect place to spend an afternoon. Its huge in size and that is only for 2 phases till now. They are currently working on Phase 3, so lets see how that goes! Unlike Marina mall, Avenues doesn’t have bunches of rowdy teenagers, so it’s actually fun spending time there.

5. The Weather: Believe it or not but I’ll actually miss Kuwait’s hot, humid, dusty weather. I’ve gotten so used to it by now, that i kinda like it, specially coz I’m not a winter person, I prefer the hot, sunny days.

6. The sound of the Athan: Its just something about the ‘Call to Prayer’ that is beautiful. Every time the ‘Muathin’ gives the Athan, its a rule to stop talking or doing whatever you are doing and listen to it, so at home even when me and siblings fight, and we hear the Athan, all of us just sit quietly, its those moments of silence that break our constant chattering and usually by the time the Athan finishes, we forget what we were fighting about. 😛

7. My friends: Even though some of them can be a pain in the a$$ 😛 The friend I have made in Kuwait, I will never find anyone like them. They are like my rare jewel collection, and having them has made me realize that its okay not to have a huge circle of friends if you have a few who are your true friends.

8. The funnily dressed girls and guys: believe it or not but some of the teens in Kuwait have a really bad sense of fashion. I mean guys think its cool to wear really skinny jeans in bright colors and wear their hair in a way that it looks like its been electrocuted and girls in Hijabs (Head covering) put these huge feather clips under the hijab, so their head looks like a camel hump from behind 😛

9. The censored scenes in movies: Honestly the censors are a life savor when you watch movies with your parents. No awkwardness. 

10. Last but not least is the Liberation day: I love this day! The streets light up and there are people on the roads dancing inside, over and outside cars, foaming and water spraying each other. Its the most fun holiday in Kuwait!