It’s been a while since I saw that smile on your face, 
The one that used to reach your eyes 
And light ’em up like the 4th of July fireworks. 
It seems as though all the reasons why I was the one 
Suddenly become the reasons why now, I wasn’t. 
Even though you were my happiness 
I failed to make myself, yours, 
Though you were my world 
I couldn’t be farther from yours. 
When did the distance become so much?
When did you cringe at the sound of my voice? 
When did it become a chore to call me? 
I tried but I’m sorry baby, to have pushed you this far. 
Some days it seems like you’re better off without me,
Without all the drama I come with, 
But most days, I let myself be selfish 
Because I know that if you leave,
So would all the warmth and safety leave, 
And I’m not ready to live in a cold world without your fire to keep me warm. 
– RiRi

Clinging to Memories

There’s only so many tears

that can fall from my eyes

even they’ve run out

since the last time we said goodbye.

I don’t know where we stand

not knowing is making me mad

your name is the only thing I hear

never knew love could make me so sad.

I’m overwhelmed with darkness

without you, my world is bleak.

Don’t you remember?

Those late night calls and meetings?

Those hugs and kisses?

Those sweet whisperings?

To you did they mean nothing?

I still feel your lips on mine

your breath on my neck.

I wear your clothes

still clinging to memories

not ready to let go.