Gossip Girl Finale – A very Beautiful Ending to an amazing series.


I cried. I mean not just because it is the end of my favorite show and I’m going to miss Chuck and Serena and Blair, and the rest of the upper east-siders and Dan Humphrey, but because it was truly a spectacular ending. I cried when Chuck proposed to Blair, and when laughed when they took their vows for their wedding, and cried and laughed when I saw Chuck’s and Blair’s son; Henry. It was truly amazing.

I guess the most shocking part of the finale was obviously when the identity of Gossip Girl was revealed – I mean Dan Humphrey?! Who would’ve ever thought? I really didn’t like and I still have mixed feelings about him, but if Serena is fine with it, then I guess i’ll be like Blair and accept it too.

And Blair, oh my, she has proven to be an amazing, multi talented, loving, caring woman, and she deserves Chuck as mush as he does her. They both truly look like a match made in Heaven. And Blair definitely looked like an Angel in her wedding dress. It was jaw-dropping beautiful.

To the whole cast and crew of GG, if you ever read this, I’d like to thank you all for making GG the most amazing series I have ever seen. I watched GG in the happiest and saddest, in the craziest and loneliest moments of my life. I feel like I am one of them now. Like I know all of them personally and I would love to have all of them as my friends if I could – Even Georgina Sparks, who although may be a schemer, she does have a heart – Deep down.

So once again, Thank you Gossip Girl. I will miss you.

xoxo Gossip Girl