Challenge – Day 8/30

I know I haven’t posted for quote a few days, but trust me I’ve been very busy this weekend and I will post about my weekend later but now I’m gonna do the Day 8 of my challenge.

So here goes…

I have to write about a country I have visited and I’m gonna write about Turkey which is the most gorgeous country I have visited up until now. I will post pictures, but I will dedicate a new post for it 🙂

Turkey is a beautiful country situated on two continents; Asia and Europe and we visited the European side and stayed in Sultanahmet, where all the major museums and mosques are located. We did go to the Asian side, but just through a cruise on the Bosphorous and I was really excited about it coz I was like “I’m in two continents at once!” LOL.

Anyways, Istanbul is mind blowing! It’s such an historical place and it makes you feel like you are part of that place. I remeber the early morning and evening walks along the Aya Sofya, Blue Mosque and Topkapi palace. Everything about that place is memorable, the street vendors, the smell of Doner kebabs, the Dondurma icecream (Its one of yummiest ice-creams i’ve ever eaten!), the stone cobbled streets (They remind of Rome or some place like that) and ofcourse, the people.

I loved my experience in Turkey and I would visit that place again whenever I get the chance too.