Lifted spirits

Since yesterday I’ve been feeling kinda upset and depressed that my blog view had gone down…I was getting really irritated at every small thing :p but thank god by today evening, everything changed 🙂 I got more views and likes 🙂 this has lifted my spirits a bit so please keep them rolling my fellow bloggers 🙂 I really appreciate your views, likes and comments and I thank you all for making my blog come this far.

Embrace yourself!

I tend to be very self satisfied and I don’t want to it to be seen as being self obsessed, but often times in the kind of society we live in, people barely seem to love themselves. They are constantly worried what others would think about them or that someone else is better than them and that’s why people like me are classified as being conceited. I love myself because I know that there must’ve been a reason why god made me the way I am, flaws and all. I know that it is my flaws that differentiate me from the rest of the world and that’s why I’ve come to accept that they are a part of me and that’s why I don’t hate myself and I’m not in a constant battle with myself to win against myself. Everybody is different, there are not two people in the world that are the same, no matter how much they have in common, so why don’t we all stop hating and mentally abusing ourselves and give ourselves some credit for being the amazing people that we are. If you learn to love yourself, you will learn to love those around you, making them feel loved and in turn they’ll love themselves too and in no time the world would a happy place to live on.

My literature Sir once said, “People who hate other people, actually hate themselves, while people who embrace themselves, learn to love everyone else around them.”

So take a moment to thing about how wonderful you are and embrace your personality. Trust me you will feel loved and will give love to others in no time.

Happy loving.


“In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.” Eleanor Roosevelt

We all know that the choices We make are the ones that shape our lives, yet sometimes we may make choices that may not necessarily be good for us, and we may only realize that after a few months or years of making the choice. At this realization, we may beat up ourselves up about it and regret what the choices that we had made, but what we fail to realize is that all those choices and all the consequences that followed it, have made us what we are today. If we hadn’t made the choice then, we might’ve never known that it was wrong for us, and we may have ended up making that mistake in the future where it may have done a more bigger damage. I have made A LOT of wrong choices in life…Wrong choices about life, boys, career, friends etc, but what I have realized is that those choices made me what I am today. Yes, I may not be in the best of situations, but I do have the strength to go through the rough path and make a new beginning. I realized that being young and making those wrong choices was better for me than growing up and making them, because at least now I have the time to correct them and start fresh. I realized that there was no point in regretting and despairing over my choices because by doing that I would’ve chosen not to do anything to correct the wrong choices, so instead I chose to let go of them and make new, better choices. Another thing that has helped me move on is the belief that whatever happens, happens for a reason. I believe that there is a Greater power that controls our lives, and I believe that He knows what is best for us. So next time you realize that you’ve made a choice that is not good for you, know that there is something good behind it, even though you may not see immediately.



What is Life?


It is a painter's brush
And a scientist's research 
It is a shepherd's herd
And an author's words
It is a pilot's flight
And a baker's delight 
It is a soldier's selflessness
And a child's carelessness 
It is a picture perfect memory 
And a never-ending story 
It is a singer's song
sometimes it seems too long 
but life my friends is a sweet surprise 
It appeals only to those who are wise