An unexpected visitor

I opened my front door yesterday to go out and guess who walked in? This adorable little kitten! It was all wet and shivering from the rain outside and as soon as I opened the door he walked in and stood in the middle of the room. This was a seriously Aww! moment. 😛

ImageEven though he was a darling, he was also stinking, so we got him cleaned up and groomed and now all he does is sleep. 😛 He’s currently sleeping on my lap with my left hand under his head 😛 And we named him Silky, even though I would’ve preferred calling him Gucci, but alas, Silky it is.

What is Life?


It is a painter's brush
And a scientist's research 
It is a shepherd's herd
And an author's words
It is a pilot's flight
And a baker's delight 
It is a soldier's selflessness
And a child's carelessness 
It is a picture perfect memory 
And a never-ending story 
It is a singer's song
sometimes it seems too long 
but life my friends is a sweet surprise 
It appeals only to those who are wise