A simpler time

In a simpler time,

when bells chimed,

and words spoken from the eyes,

meant more than a sweet voice


When a bird’s song brought smiles,

and people didn’t need dimes,

when love was the currency,

and easily came mercy


When love was true and not a game,

when immodesty wasn’t fame,

when clothes were long and pride short,

and women were more beautiful than hot


In a simpler time

when bells chimed,

is where I want to live,

for the rest of my life.



Beauty can be found
In the blooming of a bud
Or in the early morning dew

Beauty can be found
in the bare tree in winter
or in the golden autumn leaves

Beauty can be found
in the song of a mockingbird
or in the meaning of a single word

Beauty is all around us
yet people fail to see
That beauty is in the simple things
That can’t be bought with money.

~Beauty is in the eye of the beholder~



Tulips – The symbol of Simplicity and Sophistication

Most people say that Roses are the symbol of love, and while roses are really beautiful, I prefer Tulips to them. For me, Tulips symbolize true and simple love.

I love the the simplicity and the sophistication with which the tulips stand tall and straight and the way that the petals are arranged in such an uncomplicated way. That’s how I want my love to be, uncomplicated. No secrets.

Although Tulips may not be fragrant like the rose, I prefer them because fragrance beautifies the flower from the outside and love isn’t about how the outer look, its about the things that are unsaid, its about the things that are felt.

Generally the flower is a symbol of perfect love but meanings or messages can also be attributed to different colors. Red is a declaration of true love or ‘believe me’; variegated means ‘beautiful eyes’; yellow means cheerful thoughts or a ‘sunshine smile; pink is affection and caring; orange energy, desire and passion; white is purity; purple symbolizes royalty and cream tulips mean ‘I will love you forever’.


Image source: (www.google.com)