Grade 2 Superstar!

I was just going through my childhood pictures and I came across one where I was around 6 years in Grade two and I took part in a singing competition. I have loved singing for as long as I can remember. Although I sing – as my darling sister says; horribly, that doesn’t really stop me from 😛 I remember I had won 2nd place in the singing competition and I remember how relaxed I was on stage. While other kids were all nervous and shy, I couldn’t wait to be holding the mic. I was quite the performer I guess 😉

Till date I love performing. I took part in like every dance program till 9th grade, after which my parents stopped me from dancing since its not really allowed in Islam. Oh well, so much for my stage career 😛

Here is a shot of me in 2nd grade ( I sang the song ‘Aakhon Mein tera hi Chehra) :