Superwoman of my Life

This is a poem I had written for my Mom’s birthday and I wanted to share it with you…

Sometimes a daughter

Sometimes a sister

Sometimes a wife

Sometimes a mother

You play so many roles

and touch so many lives

each in a unique way

You seem to offer so much

Love, Kindness, Care

yet ask for nothing in return

Your smiles are heartfelt

Your hugs soothe pain

Your words are a comfort

These words just begin to describe

the Superwoman of our life



Somewhere a girl strikes a match

and lifts the heavy brass latch

tiptoes out barefoot and runs

freely towards the hazy horizon

Somewhere a little boy hides

his innocent eyes witness the fight

not knowing whether he will survive

he prays to God for dear life

Somewhere a man returns home

he pauses at the front door

he hears a scream and a cry

and the whisper of a goodbye

Somewhere a mother cries

on the grave where her son lies

who died fighting bravely

at the hands of the enemy