Money: the oxygen of life

In Harry potter, Dumbledore once said: “As much money and life as you could want! The two things most human beings would choose above all – the trouble is, humans do have a knack of choosing precisely those things that are worst for them.”

 This statement is the perfect way to describe what humans are all about. No matter how good, or pious or religious we are, there will always be one thing that we can never let go of; money.  

Most of us claim to believe in God and death and paradise and hell, and we even believe that we can’t take the money that we have in this life to the next, yet, we try to hoard as much money as we can. There are also people  that show just how foolish they are by creating lavish graves for themselves complete with a music system and chandeliers (seriously?!).

Most of us also hold true to the belief that everything is in God’s hand and that we will receive our due because God is just in all aspects. Yet when we lose money, we go on to behave like it’s the end if the world. Where is our belief in God then? 

There may be times when we lend money to people or give charity, but in time we start feeling arrogant and proud of ourselves and many a times we make the person we gave money to, feel humiliated by reminding them of our favor. These are the times that we forget that the money we have is also from God and it was God who wanted you to give the money to that person. We forget that nothing lasts forever, and in this world, where money slips from our hands like water, we spend our whole lives chasing it not caring about who we hurt.

From the old to the middle aged to the young, no one is safe from the traps of money. Yes, there are a selected few that actually don’t care about money but I have yet to meet one of them and when I do, I want to know exactly what they do in order to save themselves and that’s exactly what I will do. Till then, I ask God to save us from the evil of money.  



Okay, so I’ve been trynna solve this puzzle since yesterday afternoon, and till now I’ve gotten Zero ideas..It just seems impossible, but I know for sure there has to be a way to solve it….!

A man comes back from a business trip with 100 coins to share with his two children. He places the coins on a table with 60 of the coins heads up, and the rest tails up. Then he turns out the light so that it is completely dark. He tells his son that he can do anything he likes with the coins on the table (flip them, rotate them, move them, etc.), but then he must split them into two groups. Then he tells his daughter that she may decide which of the two groups is hers, and which is her brother’s. They will then turn the light back on, and each child may only keep the coins in his or her group that are heads up. (Dad gets to keep all the tails up coins.)

When the light is off, the children cannot see the orientation of the coins, and it is impossible to distinguish the orientation by feel alone. The little boy is determined not to let his sister “win” by ending up with more coins than him, so he wants to split up the coins into groups that will *guarantee* that, no matter which group his sister picks, they will both end up with the same number of coins. What should the little boy do????