Cat ramblings and Meows

I got a Cat!!! Lol 😛 My sister finally convinced me parents to get a cat and even though I’m not a huge kitty-lover, I fell in love with Mozy (That’s what we named him). He’s a gorgeous tabby short-hair and the most playful cat I have seen. He doesn’t really sit still for more than 2 minutes and chases and pounces on anything moving. I swear, its like he’s super high on red bull or something.

Although he’s hyper most of the time, by evening he seems to have calmed down a bit but by the time we go to bed, he’s again hyped up. He sleeps on my bed, and every time I move my leg or hand, he’ll pounce on it. 😛 And he loves licking my chin (my mom finds it disgusting), maybe my chin tastes really good 😛 

He has this knack of going and hiding in places that are literally unimaginable. Just day before, he went and hid under the jacuzzi and it took us a good half hour to get his stubborn ass out of there. What do cats have with dark corners?

BTW, he’s 4 months old and he seems to be hungry continuously, is this normal? and what else can I give him other than cat food?