Cheap Movies and low lifes

I am gonna get sick! I mean seriously? I just watched the trailer for the movie “Innocence of Muslims” and it just leaves me with one question; who was the low-life who had the time to make such a piece of sh*t? I can’t even call it a movie, since even the worst of movies aren’t this bad.

I read articles that say the people who made the movie didn’t mean to upset or make fun of the Muslims, then why? Why would you waste your time in making such a low graded film? For fun? Hardly seems like it. It was obviously done to start in uprising in the Islamic world. I agree with the protestors and it is their right to get angry over such depictions of our Prophet Muhammad (SAW), but what I don’t agree with is that their protests are aimed towards America, whereas the movie was actually made by an Egyptian living in America. So the protests should’ve been aimed at him and not the whole American Nation.

But, as Karma is Karma, I guess, when people look at Muslims and call them terrorists because of what one person might’ve done, it is Karma, that the Muslims also react the same way. If Muslims can be stereotypically classified as being terrorists, then even Muslims have the right to classify the whole of America as Anti-Islamist because of a movie made by one person. I’m not saying its right for anybody, but its karma.

Also, as Muslims we are always taught to be respectful towards other religions and you don’t see the majority of Muslims going out and making low graded movies about Isa (AS) Aka Jesus. We respect all religions even though we may not agree with them. I just think the non-Muslims are scared because the rate of conversion to islam in the western countries is growing and because of the whole economic crisis, more and more Islamic Banking ways are being introduced in the West.

I just hope that one day these low-lives will learn their lesson, and I know that Allah (SWT) is watching and even if the Muslims hadn’t protested, the people who made the movie will learn their lesson.

Feeling low

God I’m feeling so low and depressed these days…I can’t even get myself to post a quote for the day -.- im going through a writers block phase sorta thing…I don’t know what to write. Or maybe I know what to write but I’m just too lazy. Why couldn’t someone invent something that whatever I thought would automatically be put on paper or in my case the laptop?
I’m so bored and I dunno the word for feeling like nothing seems right…everything is so freaking dull -.-
I even watched Friends with benefits always cheers me up, but I dunno …argh…I feel like I have no life and watching people in movies have a life and always have something interesting to do is getting me even more upset -.- I’m really whiny aren’t I? I know! But what do I do?!

Stupid life…why couldn’t it be more exciting like Mila Kunis in Friends with Benefits? Or like Serena in gossip girl?!