Story Time

Hi friends!

You know one thing that I really hate about myself is that I can’t concentrate on one thing at one time.I am a highly distracted person and I usually start a million tasks without finishing them, so like always, I started writing a story, well not A story exactly, 2 stories and now I’m confused between which one to continue. So I thought who better to ask than the people for whom writing is probably the most important thing in their lives?

So, here are a few paragraphs from the 2 stories I started and I would be really glad if I got some feedback., Also any additional comments or constructive criticism is always welcomed. :)\

Story 1

He asked what I wanted, I said I wanted a shot at forever – with him. He looked at me in disbelief, “It would never work, we’ve tried too many times and failed,” he said shaking his head.

It was true, we had tried dating too many times before, and each time we got annoyed or irritated with each other and things got screwed up. But I still loved him. I know I did, it hurt not talking to him. I know he felt the same way too, but he was too afraid to give it another shot in case we messed up our chances of being friends too. He preferred having me as a friend than not having me at all. I understood this, but I had to try one last time. One last time before he went off to college and we both took our separate ways. One last time to have a shot at Us.

It was a sunny, breezy day; the kind where you don’t want to go inside to the air conditioned buildings. We were sitting on a patch of grass in Central park, a few kids played around on the swings and slides. I looked at Jonah, he was leaning back with his elbows as support, wearing a 30 seconds to mars t-shirt and jeans he looked so casual and carefree. But I knew the conflict that was going on in that stupid head of his.

“God Jonah, can’t you ever give me a straight answer?” I asked, exasperated.

He looked at me, a small smile playing on his lips. My heart warmed, I was never going go get used to of that beautiful smile of his.

“Okay.” he said

Story 2

She was dying. She knew it. There was no turning back now; not that she wanted to turn back anyways. She had made her decision and she would stick by it. The waves swept her deeper into the watery abyss. Her body was getting more numb by the second. She had no desire to move her limbs and they floated helplessly with her. The water was freezing but her body was numb so she felt nothing. The night was calm and the moon was just a crescent. The tide was low, it had been the wrong the night for a suicide. Then, out of nowhere she saw a huge wave riding towards her. She got ready to embrace it. It came closer. She shut her eyes, thinking one last time about her life, the memories pouring out in her head. The wave came closer. She took a deep breath.

The wave crashed against her with full force and then it went dark.
Meanwhile someone had seen her. Ian had been sitting on the deck when he had seen her jump in. At first he had thought that it was one of those crazy kids trying their crazy dares, but after a while when he saw the wave crash and didn’t see her come back, he knew something was wrong, that it wasn’t a dare. Hoping it wasn’t too late, he tied the floating tube around his waist and dived in the icy cold water. He swam towards the spot where he had last seen her praying all the while that the water hadn’t carried her away.