Tulip of Tekna – Chapter 1

So a few months ago I finally got around to writing my first novel and I want you guys to give me your opinion on whether I should continue it or quit writing it.
So here’s the first chapter!
Fingers crossed xx *hold breath*

Chapter 1

I stared intently at my watch as it ticked closer to 3 o clock. Finally this nightmare of a day was over. Not that everyday wasn’t a nightmare at Tekna Secondary, it’s just today was extra nightmarish because we had received our final results and we all knew what that meant. Trouble.

It didn’t really matter whether the exams that were set were probably written for people in Mars, or the fact that most of us scored really well. What mattered was why we lost that one mark? Where was our concentration? Did we want to end up like the Mortls? *gasp* Government forbid that would happen (we weren’t allowed to say God forbid because the government considered itself God.). So basically we were all in some deep shit, some deeper than the others, like my brother for instance who was now doing some sort of a celebration/victory dance atop the teacher’s table. Since it was the end of school, this sort of behavior was allowed to an extent, and this gave my brother liberty to continue his stupidity.

I looked at my best friend, Tori, and grinned, she looked back at me and I knew what she was thinking; we were going to spent our holidays locked up in my room coming up with plans to overthrow the Government. Perfect past-time for two seventeen year olds.

After the final bell rang Tori and I picked up our backpacks and ran out in the corridors before we got trapped inside by overexcited, holiday crazy teenagers.

We raced till platinum street, which was where Tori and I lived. Platinum lane was the most expensive street in the city and only the richest and most favored by the government could live here. Since mine and Tori’s families had been the staunchest supporters of the government even before the divide, we were given lavishly decorated mansions to live in. All of which didn’t really have any effect on mine and Tori’s hatred for the government.

I knew that I should have been thankful for the luxurious life I had got compared to what the people on the other side of the bubble were living. They were known as the Mortls, as they didn’t have the luxury of being immortal. They had a weakness and that was that they would eventually die of old age.

The Immortls were the privileged ones as old age could never consume them. These people had discovered a successful concoction of chemicals that allowed them to capture youth in a pill.

The Mortls and Immortls were separated by an invisible bubble that went round the whole area of Immortls. The emitted strong waves of current so that the people didn’t associate with each other. The bubble was also transparent so that the Mortls could see on the luxurious life they missed out on by not supporting the government and it was also a reminder for the Immortls to not to ever go against the government or else they would end up like the people on the other side if the bubble.

And that’s why I hated the government; because in Tekna, everything was superficial and fake. Yes we had all the luxuries one could ever want, but the one luxury that ironically we couldn’t afford was happiness.

No one was happy here. Not the adults, nor the children and definitely not the government. The adults would spend their lives minting money and establishing fake connections to climb the social ladder while the children would find ways to cause havoc and defy the adults in any possible way. And the government, well the government wasn’t happy because they couldn’t have enough money.

The city of Tekna had been taken over by greed and the thirst for money and immortality.

So what do you guys think???