Ebooks vs Paper Books

I love reading and that’s why I read practically everything I can get my hands on, be it eBooks or paper-books. But I get a certain joy by reading paper books and there are a few books that I absolutely cannot read on my iPad, like classics for example. Classic books hold a different place in my heart apart from the modern day books. I enjoy a classic read once in a long time, but when I do read them, I need to feel the book. Also the fact that because I studied literature, I am always in the habit of looking beyond the obvious meaning and though not many modern day books have a hidden meaning, almost all classics have a play on words, because of which I need a book to scribble down all the points in my head while reading a classic novel which cannot be done on an eBook.

My iBooks is filled with YA novels and contemporary fiction, but now I started reading The Great Gatsby, and I feel like I can’t connect to the characters at all. I need to be transported back to that era of writing, and with an eBook I personally find that really difficult to do.

Apart from the obvious reasons why I love paper-books, there is just something different in the smell of paper. I remember this one time when I was sitting in class and my teacher had brought his copy of the Twelfth Night, and I was just smelling it and then he gave me this weird look like I was high on drugs or something. But basically, the smell of a book is a plus factor for me and one of the reasons why I love paper books.


Coming to eBooks, I love them because they are just so easy to get and read. Before, there were only a couple of good writers out there, but these days, you see scores of good writers publishing their books everyday. Now if I lived by myself, I wouldn’t mind buying each and every book that I read, but since I am still living under my parents roof, I can’t really fill the house with book, because my family isn’t really that fond of reading. So the plus points to eBooks is that they take up a lot lesser space and you can get any book you want at the click of a button. Also the fact that you can read them in the dark since your eBook reader would provide all the light needed.


So, if I had to choose between eBooks or Paper-books, I’d pick both, since both of them have their pros and cons but at the end they both introduce and engross me in their worlds.