Abuse of English on the World Wide Web

ImageRecently I was going through a friend’s Instagram profile and I noticed this comment posted by a guy which read:

“YOu R vEry bEaUtIfUl’ Now anybody in their right state of mind, having a proper knowledge of English and having studied at least 1st grade would figure out that this form of English is completely appalling and unacceptable.

I just can’t stand people who use symbols like ‘@ng3l’ or ‘c00l’, I mean have we run out of letters? Or is it too mainstream to write in proper English?

Anytime I get a request from someone whose name goes like ‘D@rk @ng3l’ or ‘d@sh!ng pr!nc3~*’, I click decline and block, because I know it will be a complete waste of time to even try and converse with this person because all I will do is pick out every single one of their English mistakes and get frustrated, therefore it is better just not to add them.

Another thing that irritates me so much is when people substitute same sounding letters, i.e. ‘idyat’ instead of ‘idiot’, I mean it is going to take you the same amount of time to type it out, so why not type out the right thing? It’s understandable when you type ‘brb’ instead of ‘be right back’, but nowadays people have the tendency to shorten almost everything, even when its a matter of one letter!

Like last Friday at lunch my 5 year old cousin was messaging her brother and she asked what the spelling of ‘can’ was and somebody said ‘cn’; I mean she’s 5! If you tell her the wrong spelling in her early learning years, what do you think she is going to write in her school, ‘I cn sing’? Is that really what you want your kids to write in their exams? I think not! Then why don’t we all put some effort in firstly trying to use the RIGHT form of English, and secondly try NOT to make the next generation educated illiterates.