Embrace Change

As humans we all have developed some sort of a pattern in out lives. We have a stable life, a job, a proper routine and we follow it as rigorously as we we would follow exam rules. But is a routine always a good thing? Moreover is Stability a good thing?

In my opinion, having a stable life is okay as long as things don’t get stagnant like water in lake. Stability can be a curse and blessing, and at times it helps more to break out of the usual day in and day out routine.

People nowadays, I’ve noticed have become very content with their daily lives and they do little to spice it up or create some excitement. I, for one, cannot follow a routine for more than a week so I try to bring about as much change as I can in the limited options I have.

But even those little things like changing the layout of your room, or changing the curtains or changing your own appearance for that matter can bring about a big difference, without which I would’ve probably suffocated by now.

As a teen, taking risks and trying something new without facing any long term life-altering consequences is a advantage you have. Don’t get tied down to one career or one life path or anything for that matter. Keep your options open and when change knocks, welcome it happily and embrace it, because before you know it, change wouldn’t be a frequent visitor and even if it does come later in your life, it will be more difficult for you to accept it.

And remember if you don’t have the heart to make big changes, start small, make small changes in your life. Change your hair color or change the position of the vase in your living room or re-paint your room. And always stay positive.

6 thoughts on “Embrace Change

  1. This is great advice. Once we get out of our comfort zones and make changes in life, that is when we really learn who we are and what we are made of!
    Be the change that you want to see in this world!

  2. Thanks for sharing your opinion.
    I agree with you. Changing life is no so easy and we tend to stay comfortable place. Changing make us new motivation as well. I always want to stay positive.

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