Hypocrisy – the new truth

Haven’t we heard the saying practice what you preach far too many times in our lifetime? Yet, is it what we do? Do we actually do what we tell others to do? Most of us would answer No. So doesn’t that make us all hypocrites at some points in our lives?

Accept it or not, we all think we are better than the next person and we all believe that it gives us the right to correct or preach to other people. But what we don’t bother doing is correcting ourselves, we don’t bother looking in the mirror before unleashing our full fledged criticism on others.

How many times have you talked to someone and said, “oh, you know, so-and-so, she’s such a gossip or she’s such a miser” but have you considered that what you are doing right at that moment by telling another person about someone is also gossip? Have you considered how you would react if you lost a huge amount of your money? Wouldn’t you be a miser after that too?

So dear friends, a piece of advice firstly to myself and to all of you is to first make sure you are doing what you tell others to do and a better advice would be that if you have nothing good to say, then keep silent.

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