Ebooks vs Paper Books

I love reading and that’s why I read practically everything I can get my hands on, be it eBooks or paper-books. But I get a certain joy by reading paper books and there are a few books that I absolutely cannot read on my iPad, like classics for example. Classic books hold a different place in my heart apart from the modern day books. I enjoy a classic read once in a long time, but when I do read them, I need to feel the book. Also the fact that because I studied literature, I am always in the habit of looking beyond the obvious meaning and though not many modern day books have a hidden meaning, almost all classics have a play on words, because of which I need a book to scribble down all the points in my head while reading a classic novel which cannot be done on an eBook.

My iBooks is filled with YA novels and contemporary fiction, but now I started reading The Great Gatsby, and I feel like I can’t connect to the characters at all. I need to be transported back to that era of writing, and with an eBook I personally find that really difficult to do.

Apart from the obvious reasons why I love paper-books, there is just something different in the smell of paper. I remember this one time when I was sitting in class and my teacher had brought his copy of the Twelfth Night, and I was just smelling it and then he gave me this weird look like I was high on drugs or something. But basically, the smell of a book is a plus factor for me and one of the reasons why I love paper books.


Coming to eBooks, I love them because they are just so easy to get and read. Before, there were only a couple of good writers out there, but these days, you see scores of good writers publishing their books everyday. Now if I lived by myself, I wouldn’t mind buying each and every book that I read, but since I am still living under my parents roof, I can’t really fill the house with book, because my family isn’t really that fond of reading. So the plus points to eBooks is that they take up a lot lesser space and you can get any book you want at the click of a button. Also the fact that you can read them in the dark since your eBook reader would provide all the light needed.


So, if I had to choose between eBooks or Paper-books, I’d pick both, since both of them have their pros and cons but at the end they both introduce and engross me in their worlds.

6 thoughts on “Ebooks vs Paper Books

  1. Caity Sunshine says:

    I have never gotten into ebooks. I’ve tried countless times on kindles, iPads, a laptop and even my phone, but I just can’t loose myself. For as long as I can remember, buying a new book has been a real treat for me. The smell; the excitement of turning the page; holding it with both hands as I disappear into another world. With a book, I can read wherever; whenever. With an ereader, I’m restricted by how much charge a device can hold. I agree that ebooks are a great invention and they are a brilliant way for independent authors to get their work noticed, but it they just aren’t for me.

  2. Katie Renee says:

    I’ve been feeling the exact same conflict. Some books that I’m absolutely in love with I need to have on my bookshelf (and smelling them is so not weird, just so you know). But I recently bought a nook and I love having it because it’s easier to transport than the huge books I normally read. It paid off on vacation and for reading on break at work. I can’t decide if I like paper or digital books the best… I guess it depends on the situation. 🙂

  3. I feel the same way. I love the feel of a good paper book in my hands, I love turning the pages, and I love the smell of the pages. However, its way easier to carry my Kindle to classes with me, read discretely in the back of boring lecture halls, and its cheaper to buy new books! Only problem is I always forget to charge it!

    • I know! Especially when the lecture makes you want to bang your head on the wall, having a book is the best distraction! Lol, ya…charging is one of the problems, but I’m sure someone will come up with a solution for that too!

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