As The Ink Flows

“The wicked envy and hate; it is their way of admiring.” – Victor Hugo


Dear Envy,


Ever wondered what this world would have been like without you? Probably not, no one wishes to lose existence. And that is maybe the factor which has taught us to live with all the good and bad this world has to offer. We can’t make anyone or anything disappear, no matter how much we despise them. In fact, at times, we are made to disappear by them. Irony, you know!

Well, maybe you haven’t, but I have. Yes, I have considered your disappearance. Please don’t mind. And you shouldn’t also, for this thought will but remain a thought forever. Fortunately, I have also mused about your existence at the same time. I ain’t that bad, am I?

It pains me to say, but nevertheless, you have been one of the most indispensable…

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