Very inspiring am I? Thank you Erica!


Yipee!! I’ve been nominated for another blog award by the very talented and inspiring . I am very honored that she finds my blog inspiring, although its mostly just ramblings. 😛  So thank you so much Erica for giving me this award!

So below are the rules of accepting the Very Inspiring Blog Award:

1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.
5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

Seven Things About Me:

1. I love drama series, like GG and 90210

2. I prefer summer to winter

3. I love the number 7

4. I love smelling books, if a book smells good to me, then I have got to read it!

5. I’m not a realist at all, I believe in the power of dreams.

6. Blogging is my antidote for any of the times I feel crappy.

7. Being modest isn’t really part of me. I love being talked about. 😛

So now that I have got down the seven things, the next part is to nominate 15 blogs, hmm…

1. Caputcauda – She has got an amazing sense of fashion and great pictures!

2. Randomandunnewsworthy – Since I’m a rambler, I love ramblers too, and her blog is just hilarious! Love it!

3. into-mind – She has some of the best beauty tips for a simple and minimalist beauty routine, and she has some really creative DIY ideas.

4. pikeknight – He’s got some really amusing posts, I love the one about Mr. Quack Quack!

5. ruthrutherford – I honestly love her blog and her writing style. She has some really hilarious posts about dating and also some really touching stories and posts.

6. iphonephotog – He’s got some amazing iphone photography!

7. thethreadaffect – She’s got a beautiful blog about fashion and everything life as whole.

8. lexokat – Any inspiring blogger list is incomplete without Lexi’s blog. Her posts are motivational and inspiring to everyone who reads them.

9. twodifferentgirls – A fun blog about travel and and the life of two friends.

10. artimad – Check out his blog for some of the most unusual and artistic sketches!

11. runwaydiy – I’ve been into DIY for quite a while now, and her blog has some really easy and inspirational DIY’s!

12. hikingphoto – He’s got the most mind-blowing and jaw-dropping photography!

13. vincentmars – The boy with a hat as he calls himself, he’s got a unique sense of writing and his recent 50 word stories have been hilarious!

14. imagineteenagelife – She was one of the first blogger friends had and her posts are very motivating!

15. prinzecharming – And of course, Prinzecharming had to be there on my list. I’m quite smitten with his writing and wish a guy with all the qualities he’s mentioned in his posts would be my prince charming.

So there is the list of my nominees for the Very inspiring blogger award!


8 thoughts on “Very inspiring am I? Thank you Erica!

  1. Thanks sincerely for the nomination. I’ve been through the process once already, and I’ve been re-nominated a few times since. I’ve decided not to continue go through said process again, as it would create numerous redundant posts on my blog and probably look really arrogant to my non-Wordpress followers who don’t understand the spirit in which this award is given.

    I truly appreciate your kind words and the follow as well. Thanks to you, I know there’s an audience out there for postmodern stuffed animals with evil mafia beaver landlords.

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