Post-Exam Shopping Haul

Yaaayyy! My Mid-terms are over! And I scored pretty well too, so to give myself a treat, I did what every girl does; went SHOPPING! I found some good stuff so I decided to post some  pictures of the stuff I got.

Bath and Body Works Dark Kiss Signature Collection:


I love the products of Bath and Body Works and this collection of theirs is just AMAZING! I love the scent, its so passionate and yummy…so I obviously had to get one, and yay for me, they had a gift box set which included a shower gel, body lotion, bubble bath, lip-gloss and perfume, all for around $32.50.

The second thing I bought was from H&M, and it was a coconut and mango lip-gloss:


It smells heavenly, like summer and as winter is arriving in Kuwait (ugh!), so I bought a summer smelling lip gloss to remind me of the summer in the dreary winter. I got it for around $2.00.

I also bought sunglasses from H&M, because well, one can’t have enough sunglasses.


Aren’t they pretty? I got these for around $8.00 which is a reasonable price I guess.

Boots had sale going on and the prices were really amazing but I there weren’t many things I needed so I just a Almond, pistachio and milk body butter.


Its a really smooth cream and it keeps your body moisturized well and the price after discount was amazing too. Just $3.54. Cool eh?

Also, I hadn’t bought earrings in a while so I got a cute pair from Claires.


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