Joker’s Letter

Powerful, and sad….It’s a masterpiece!

Bruce Wayne Diaries

Don’t know why I am sitting with these maniacs, these people have no life! They follow the rules of prison, are afraid of the guards. I want to get out of this place, transfer me to Arkham please. People over there are humans, they have no rules. There are no guards in Arkham. Guards over here follow the duties given to them, and want to control their own little world. I hate them. HATE! They are wasting their lives. Anyways, I am writing this to you Batman to make myself clear. I don’t hate you, infact you are the closest person to me. I admire you. You don’t work like others out there. You want to change them. So do I. And you might be sitting there thinking what makes me crazy. No, I’m not crazy. There is an order out of every chaos. You know I…

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