Best friends forever – Myth or Fact?

I’m sure at some point in our lives we all may have come across that one person in our lives whom we think will be our BestFriend Forever aka BFF. We make promises to grow old as bff’s, share all our secrets with each other and stick by each other through thick and thin. We all make these promises to our best friends but do we really stay as BFFs throughout our life?

Generally most of us meet our bff’s in high school and as a teen who hasn’t really seen much of the world, we promise to stay friends forever. But do we really keep this promise once we graduate and go our different ways in life? When we go away to different universities and colleges, we promise each other to keep in touch through the endless means of communication offered to us, but somewhere it just isn’t the same as being there with the person. The messages and tweets go from 50 a day to barely 2 or 3. Meanwhile we all find new people who fit our interests better or are more involved in our everyday lives than our best friends, and slowly the once do strong connection that we had slowly starts to just fade.

Although one may feel sad about this, we have to accept that it is a natural part of life and we all go through it since we as people are constantly changing. There aren’t 5 years of our life that are the same as the next or the previous 5 years of our life. We are constantly gaining new knowledge and this reshapes our thinking and personalities and the people we know are going through the same changes too. This is why a person who once we thought as our best friend might someday end up being replaced by someone else.

In my life up till now I’ve probably had 5 best friends but they all at some point in my life changed and went away and this is why i’m very careful before calling someone my best friend and even if I do, I accept from the beginning the fact that they might someday not actually be my Best friend forever.

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