Lifted spirits

Since yesterday I’ve been feeling kinda upset and depressed that my blog view had gone down…I was getting really irritated at every small thing :p but thank god by today evening, everything changed 🙂 I got more views and likes 🙂 this has lifted my spirits a bit so please keep them rolling my fellow bloggers 🙂 I really appreciate your views, likes and comments and I thank you all for making my blog come this far.

5 thoughts on “Lifted spirits

  1. My views have been going down too because I’ve been neglecting my blog. Before I travelled with two weeks, I had about 200 views something a day.. and now? 30. Gets me down and depressed too, but oh well.. things will change soon. I must admit that I don’t have the time to write and check out as much as I did before. Keep it up and cheer up too! 😉 x

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