Challenge – Day 5/30

Songs that inspire me
I was supposed to write about 1 song that inspired me, but since I have so many of them, I decided to write about my top 5:
1. The climb by Miley Cyrus- this is  my most motivational song till date. The lyrics are amazing and I feel like everybody goes through the ‘uphill battle’ at one time in your life and this song is a perfect motivation at that time.

2. Promise by Vanessa Hudgens- this song taught me to be free. It taught me that you have to trust yourself first before anyone else and that when you make a decision it’s purely your decision not anybody else’s. It taught me that we have to keep trying no matter how hard it may seem or no matter how many ever times we fall coz, ‘What doesn’t kill you can, make you strong’.

3. Who Says by Selena Gomez- this is such a cute song and it has taught me that people may never think that I’m perfect but I have to believe that I am perfect and that it doesn’t matter what other people think.

4. Fly by Nicki Minaj- I love Nicki. I love all of her songs and I think she may be a really good person too. This song was another one of Nicki’s amazing songs from Pink Friday and it has  inspired me to learn that we all were born with a purpose to win, but it’s we who decide whether we are okay with losing or whether we want to ‘Win’.

5. Pursuit of happiness by KiD CuDi- this song is amazing in all ways possible. It has amazing lyrics, an amazing flow and really good background music. This song taught me that the definition of happiness may not be the same for everyone, but you have to go and find that thing that makes you happy even if people may think it isn’t right because at the end of the day, it’s your life and you are going to be living it not someone else.


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