Challenge – Day 1/30

I’m finally commencing my challenge and here is the topics for the first day!

‘Introduce, recent picture of yourself and 15 interesting facts’

So here goes,

I’m a 17 year old girl living in Kuwait, trynna make sense of my life while enjoying the roller coaster ride. 🙂

15 interesting facts

1. I am from India but most people say I don’t look Indian :$
2. I love the smell of books, petrol and the soil after the rain.
3. I love perfumes and nail polish
4. I hate winter or cold weather but I’d love to go to Iceland to see the northern lights
5. I love potatoes! I can eat them at anytime and with anything. They’re awesome!
6. I am a Harry potter fan therefor I hate twilight :p
7. I’m 17 and I still haven’t watched titanic
8. My role models apart from my mom and dad are Steve jobs and Mark Zuckerberg
9. I have an obsession with collecting pebbles and stones
10. I am very impulsive and I take split second decisions
11. I want either a monkey or an iguana as a pet
12. I can’t eat food that isn’t spicy! I love Indian spices!
13. I love heights! I wanna go skydiving in Spain and bungee jumping from the Eiffel tower!
14. I wanna backpack across Europe.
15. I’m scared of the ocean because it’s so vast and deep and filled with weird creatures :p

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