Irritating habits

Many a times people have told me that I’m extremely stubborn, and I know that I am but sometimes my stubbornness gets me exactly what I want and sometimes it just irritates people :p I think being stubborn is a good thing as people then take you seriously and they know that once you take a decision, it’s gonna be really hard for anyone to change it.

Another habit if mine that people don’t like is that I’m way too instinctive. I always go with my gut feeling without thinking twice about what’s gonna happen. I believe that when you have the instinct to do something, you should do it. Because no matter what the consequence will be later, at least you’ll know that you took a chance or risk to do something. Many a times people wonder “what would have happened if I had done that?” and someone said ‘we regret more the things that we didn’t do than the ones we did.’ I don’t, because I usually do exactly what my instinct tells me at that moment because I know that, that moment won’t ever come back again.

I’m still a child at heart. I love playing in swings and watching powerpuff girls. I wish I never had to grow up (but then again, most of wish that to right? :p) it’s not that I’m not responsible, I am, but at times I just get fed up of all the deadlines and schedules and wish I could go back to riding my bicycle and worrying about why my friend didn’t pick me to be in her team :p

I love myself! Do I sound self obsessed? Possibly yes! But does it matter to me that anybody thinks I’m conceited? Definitely not. And that’s because I have faith in myself. I don’t beat myself up about small small things and I don’t regret. Have you ever heard of people committing suicide because they feel like they’re a failure? Well that could never happen with me, because even if something doesn’t turn out the way I planned, I wouldn’t blame myself over it because I know that I gave my best but at the end of the day it’s God who decides our fate and all we can do is take a step towards doing something, but even if it doesn’t turn out right, we should always know that whatever happened, happened because there is a bigger picture behind it that we can’t see. There’s always something good that God has planned for you, it just doesn’t come the way you expected it to. So stop worrying your poor head over issues that have already been done and give yourself a pat on the back for being the person you are! Because you are unique. Every one of us is.

Stubborn people get themselves in a lot of trouble, but they also get things done.
Anna Paquin

So that’s my list of habits that people find irritating about me :p but I don’t :p muhaha :p what are some of your habits that people don’t like?



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