The sun’s first golden rays,

Hit the shimmering city of glass

Bringing with it a new day,

One better than the last

The smell of coffee wafts outside

Through an open window

In the alley, a scrawny boy hides

In the shadows, he sinks low

By 12 noon, the city is alive

With people fighting to survive,

The ongoing struggles of the day,

In between millions, they make their way

The cacophony of sounds,

Makes its way through the crowds

The day begins to fade

As night makes its way

Darkness blankets the light

As the fiery sun says goodbye

The stars act as a guide

In the night sea up high

The music plays softly

And the lights begin to dim

The wind walks the empty streets

The night gives birth to whims;

While in the dark, two lovers meet.

‘Round the corner a dog barks

An owl hoots nearby

The moon gives hope in the dark

And the silence sings a lullaby.


– RiRi


I need a title for this poem…I cant seem to come up with one..Any suggestions would be welcomed 🙂 Image


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