Embrace yourself!

I tend to be very self satisfied and I don’t want to it to be seen as being self obsessed, but often times in the kind of society we live in, people barely seem to love themselves. They are constantly worried what others would think about them or that someone else is better than them and that’s why people like me are classified as being conceited. I love myself because I know that there must’ve been a reason why god made me the way I am, flaws and all. I know that it is my flaws that differentiate me from the rest of the world and that’s why I’ve come to accept that they are a part of me and that’s why I don’t hate myself and I’m not in a constant battle with myself to win against myself. Everybody is different, there are not two people in the world that are the same, no matter how much they have in common, so why don’t we all stop hating and mentally abusing ourselves and give ourselves some credit for being the amazing people that we are. If you learn to love yourself, you will learn to love those around you, making them feel loved and in turn they’ll love themselves too and in no time the world would a happy place to live on.

My literature Sir once said, “People who hate other people, actually hate themselves, while people who embrace themselves, learn to love everyone else around them.”

So take a moment to thing about how wonderful you are and embrace your personality. Trust me you will feel loved and will give love to others in no time.

Happy loving.

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