Mojo stumbled through the dark forest where the trees had overgrown and formed a canopy blocking the starry sky from view. Mojo didn’t know what lay ahead but he kept walking because he didn’t want to go back. Being a clown, he wasn’t familiar to any other emotion except happiness, but something had happened today which had given rise to other emotions and Mojo didn’t know how to express them. So, he had done what he thought was best. He ran.

He ran and ran till he felt like his legs would fall off. Coming to a halt, he lay down on the soft moss covered floor of the forest. Looking up at the midnight sky, he gazed at the bright stars and they all seemed to form the word ‘KILLER’. Startled, Mojo sat up. Someone had whispered his name, and it echoed all around the vast, green forest. Beads of sweat trickled down his forehead and he felt goosebumps erupt on his back. The wind howled, oozing through the trees, sending a chill down his spine. He went over the events that had occurred on that horrendous day.

He remembered returning backstage after his opening act. His cup of joy was overflowing at his satisfaction of pleasing the audience. Entering the cluttered backstage, Mojo looked around for his friend and partner, ZeeZee the clown. as he went into a deep reverie, he suddenly heard a knock in his door and his assistant came in with a glass of icy water. Mojo set the glass on the table and lay back to rest once more. Two minuted later, ZeeZee walked ecstatically in the room saying; “Ah! What a great life!” Mojo smiled and offered him the glass of water. “Thanks mate! I’m parched.” ZeeZee said in his thick British accent that Mojo loved to hear and unhesitatingly drank the water in a single gulp.

He sat down and Mojo got distracted by an insect that had landed on the window sill. He examined the bee like insect closely and exclaimed, “Blimey ZeeZee! Its got a broken leg!” holding up the bee for ZeeZee to see. “ZeeZee..?” Mojo called out at not seeing his friend on the couch. Then he saw ZeeZee. he was sprawled out on the messy floor. Unconscious. “ZeeZee!” he cried out in alarm trying to revive his friend, but he wouldn’t wake. Mojo, confused, didn’t know what to do, so he ran.

heaving heavily Mojo came back to the present. His emotions were overflowing but he did not know how to express them. A lightening bolt shot off at some distant and thunder growled heavily. Mojo started shivering. Heavy rain drops fell from the sky soaking Mojo. The rain drops pelted him, like they were punishing him. The water was meant for him. He should’ve drank it, then none of this would have happened. Mojo stood helpless amidst the rain, shaking from head to toe. He sniffed the wet air as ZeeZee’s unconscious face flashed in front of his eyes and a single tear fell from his eyes.


“Often times we blame ourselves for something inevitable from happening, but what we dont realize is that destiny cannot be changed and we have to move on.”


Written By: RiRi


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