We dont live in the Desert!

Most people in the west, when they hear that I’m from Kuwait, automatically perceive that I live in the desert. A few days ago, I was talking to an online friend from USA, when I told him that I live in Kuwait and he goes “You have really good English, do they teach you English over there?” and I was like Duh! We don’t live in the desert you know. the same thing happened with my pen pal in UK, she wrote me a letter asking me whether we go to school on Camels?! That made me laugh so hard! I mean seriously, just because we live in the Middle East, doesn’t mean we are uncivilized. People from Kuwait are actually more educated than some people in the west. I remember when I was studying IGCSE English, our English department was divided into first language and second language and most of the locals and Asians were in first language while the British people were in second language..ironic much? We really need to break this stereotypical image of the people from the Middle East.



6 thoughts on “We dont live in the Desert!

  1. There is a greater need to change the stereotypical approach of the so called western people towards the Asians.
    Well, Asia is very evidently heading towards a more prosperous economy and life quality.
    Truly speaking, I don’t know much about Kuwait as well but I think I will get to learn something through this blog of yours.

  2. Story of my life! I live in Dubai and every time I meet people in US or Canada, or even online, I always get questions like: Do you have american people schools there? Do guys have like pet camels and stuff? It’s insane! I can fully relate to this, and I’m loving your blog!

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