Life in Kuwait

I was born in Kuwait and have spent most part of my 17 years of existence in this country…I love this place yet I cant seem to wait to get out of here. Its a beautiful country, the culture is amazing and even though I’m a nature person,I do enjoy the city life it has to offer. From the malls, to the beaches to the restaurant, Kuwait has everything of top quality, on weekends me and my family usually head to the beach or Avenues – the biggest mall in Kuwait for a day out. I enjoy these weekends but there is always this missing feeling, where I sometimes wish that I lived in a place where there was little more variety and freedom. Sometimes the city life can get a bit overwhelming especially if you come from a culture like mine where boundaries and restriction define every move you make. We are placed under certain rules and restrictions on the way we dress, talk, and behave socially and sometimes these tend to limit our creativity. I sometime have these urges to do something crazy and I usually do end up doing things that are crazy and end up getting grounded just because the society does not accept these things. Kuwait has progressed in terms of civilization but as for the people , they are still very small minded…they judge you based on what you wear or how much you spend on brands or whether or not you live in the “rich” areas of Kuwait. I know this sort of stereotypical analysis happens everywhere, but in Kuwait its everywhere.


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