So this is my first step into the world of Blogging and I’m hoping it is a good one…I’ve always been fond of writing but up until now, I never took it seriously and then when I saw this beautiful blog about a girl’s life and her random thoughts that I realized I could do the same thing! There are around 6.4 billion of us in the world and we each have our own story to tell…so why not share it through your thoughts in words?

Words are beautiful and there is always that perfect word that describes exactly how you are feeling…! There are a lot of moments in life when you feel like everything is just falling apart, but really it isn’t, you just have to learn to accept it and deal with it in a way that at the end it all turns out fine. There are times in my life when I just feel like cuddling uo into a ball and falling in to a deep slumber…but unfortunately, I cant do that…so blogging is my way of letting out all that negative energy…. 🙂

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

George Bernard Shaw


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